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Dedicated to Your Freedom and
Returning To Your Heart by Letting Go

"The ongoing unfolding of an awakened heart is a fragrant flower,
blessing everyone as its petals continue to open.

- Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons

Jeannie ‘Viveka’ Fitzsimmons is a Licensed, Master trainer and facilitator of releasing, the art of surrender, which she calls 'releasing from the heart'. Her added specialty is letting go of inner underlying stress, and the science of Natural Vision Improvement for the ‘joy of seeing’. She has been a teacher and trainer in both Corporate environments as well as private settings with small groups for over 30 years.

This site is dedicated to the quest for freedom, for those who seek liberation, health, well being and happiness. True freedom is already within every human being, simply waiting to be Self-Recognized.  As we remove our ‘strategies of limitation’—the thoughts and feelings that cloud our clarity—we develop emotional self-mastery, and we see more clearly.

If you want to be happy from within, the suffering from without must be relinquished. It’s easier than you think or feel, for it is all false no matter the power of its persuasion. If you open to more of your inherent loving nature, with a desire to expand into an enlightened awareness—thereby living an awakened life—you will be happy. By consciously letting go of what you are not, this intention and passion for truth will carry you home. Love is always calling in every action and situation. Love is always calling to your heart. Love is always available to you at any moment, because its right where you are.

This uncovering of your loving nature is what I guide, and teach, and what anyone can re-learn, and reawaken within. This is the gift you give to yourself by learning how to let go, to effortlessly release, and to surrender into that true nature that you already are. This is what I call awareness awakening to itself. It is time, now.

I welcome you to begin the most exciting journey of your lifetime. Everything is included and embraced in this journey, for awakening and love includes everything. The first step is to expand and deepen your understanding, your truth telling, and your willingness to be true to yourself through self-honesty, regardless of circumstances and anything your mind will tell you. You are so far beyond your mind, so far beyond your identity, and so far beyond any limitation you can imagine. Once you discover this, your life is lived from a deep silence, great joy, and an ever expanding vastness of love. Release yourself from unwanted stress, for that is your nest of misperception. This can be dissolved, and the result is the expansion of your freedom and the awakening of your heart—that truth that you already are. It is simple, and it is natural.

It is a great joy for me, after the last 30 years of my journey, to offer to you a deep and multi-tiered curriculum for profound awakening in your life. These will be the HeartWisdom™ Seminars, HeartWisdom™ practices, HeartWisdom™ principles and HeartWisdom™ living.  Come HOME to your own AwakenedHeart(TM)!

There will be practical courses about:

  • having emotional self-mastery in all situations
  • letting go of unwanted stress and emotions as they arise
  • returning to your heart through effortless releasing
  • enhancing relationships by opening to more love
  • living courageously with integrity and authenticity
  • accomplishing your goals and having what you want
  • opening to wealth and abundance in all areas of life
  • and enjoying a healthier body and a happier life

The masters, teachers, trainers, and beloved reflections that I ‘ve met around the world throughout my journey have transformed and inspired my life. I will be sharing all of these gifts with you for awakening.

HeartWisdom™ work is about awakening to your true heart. HeartWisdom™ seminars is a curriculum that is designed for self-empowerment and for consciously mastering your life NOW—from moment to moment.

“Our soul’s journey of awakening and enlightenment can be ignited to
become conscious, awake, clear, and purposeful—awareness put
into moment to moment practice.”
- Jeannie Fitzsimmons

In 1978, driven by a powerful and unrelenting desire for inner happiness, freedom, and to know Truth, Jeannie turned away from a successful Hollywood career in media, television, film, and the music business. She chose to move ‘from the heart of Hollywood to the heart of wisdom’. Having met many masters and mentors, over the past 30 years, her heart’s desire has been answered.

Her love of truth began with study at Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship,followed by a nearly fifteen year mentorship with partner Lester Levenson, Virginia Lloyd, were Co-founders of the Sedona Institute. Deeply inspired by Lester, Virginia was the developer, master-teacher and Director of Training at the Sedona Institute, developer of all of the Institute’s advanced releasing courses and retreats for emotional self-mastery. She is also the author of Master Your Emotions, which Jeannie marketed and promoted into Los Angeles, after bringing the Sedona Releasing work to LA in 1981. The book was released in 1983.

Jeannie also had the privilege of spending several years with the Dahlia Yoga meditation community/mystery school, and Programs of the Heart, with Diana Vela. She spent precious time with Sri Robert Adams, Gangaji, V. Ganeshan, Sri Ranjit Maharaj in India, as well as others, and four years with Adyashanti in the San Francisco Bay Area, before being asked to come out to teach in 2001. Her life-long learning with these mentors has evolved her gift of clarity and liberation into HeartWisdom™ Seminars.  She serves from that awareness, that we are all the same love.

Jeannie shares her wisdom and releasing work through Awakened Heart by offering HeartWisdom™ Releasing Seminars. Coming full-circle through the fire of life to the heart of truth, she now offers CD’s, downloadable products, multi-media teachings, and speaks around the world—to those who want to live a happy, free, and awakened life.

She sees the evolution of her work as the ‘wind beneath the wings’, or the ‘how to’ of applying the Law of Attraction principles that were taught in the movie, The Secret. She writes about this, and her mentorship with Lester Levenson, in her chapter, "The Ultimate Secret in the L.A.W. of Attraction: Living, Loving, and Liberating Awakened Wisdom!" featured in The Power of Mentorship: Special Edition, The Law of Attraction.

Jeannie invites you to relearn ‘the secret within’—what every heart is yearning to recognize—that happiness, joy, and the “peace which passeth all understanding,” are available every moment, for they are inherent within each one of us.   

“This work is my living devotion to Truth. I am dedicated to giving you tools, resources and community for your self-mastery and Self-recognition, and to awaken to that which you already are—free.  When we live consciously from re-awakened inner wisdom, and know truly who, and what, we Are—we are ‘happy beyond any reason, thought or appearance’. The secret IS within.

The gift of letting go, of recognizing, resting within, and remaining awake in your own ‘HeartWisdom™’, is the secret ‘key’ that unlocks one’s life, that allows true loving and living free.”

Having taught releasing for many years, Jeannie has now developed the Wheel of HeartWisdom™, which provides an immediate snapshot of one’s life to begin the journey of effortless releasing.

Jeannie offers HeartWisdom™ Seminars, small sized advanced retreats, as well as the original 4-Day Core Releasing Basic Course, as developed and taught by Virginia Lloyd, former Director of Training of the Sedona Institute. Jeannie continues to support and actively promote releasing around the world and is licensed to continue this work, worldwide.

Thank you for visiting Awakened Heart’s HeartWisdom™ Seminars. I look forward to encouraging and inspiring you to return to your own awakened wisdom.

Love, Gratitude, and Blessings,

Jeannie ‘Viveka’ Fitzsimmons,
Founder and Executive Director of AwakenedHeart.com

Awakened Heart International, LLC


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