Ladies of the Heart of is your time!

THE DIVINE FEMININE reawakening through HeartWisdom(TM) in 2012! 

What Is Release?

"Inquiring into the nature of one's self that is in bondage,
and realizing one's true nature is release."
— Sri Ramana Maharshi

Who Am I?

This is the most potent question that needs to be answered, from the heart, surrender, humility and simplicity. This answer reveals our loving nature. There is nothing more important, and in this 'finding', the woman's soul expression is reborn, and expressed into this world of Consciousness.

 Women have been holding back their Divine Gifts for decades...and beyond.  There is a stirring deep in the SOUL of women to come forth, to gather, to share, to awaken the Sophia...the Divine Feminine, and express that love in our world. Re-empowering this desire by creating emerging events for women is one of the visions of AwakenedHeart and the HeartWisdomSeminars journey in 2012...

Releasing vs. Expressing: Uncovering Our Actual Loving Nature

When we are naturally released, we are simply calm and happy. Our Being is not intellectual, nor does it need to express itself in order to simply Be—for it is heart-centered love. We need simply, and only, to realign ourselves with what is actually true.

What releasing is NOT--regardless of how this word  has been used:
Often times practitioners, therapists, teachers or workshop leaders speak of release as something that includes beating a pillow, primal screaming, telling someone off in make-believe events, role-playing, or having a cathartic episode…however, that is not the true meaning of release.

Although some releasing occurs with any modality that causes us to be more present with what we are feeling, denying, or avoiding, most therapists don’t know how to give their clients the direct wisdom of that pinpoint of ‘release’. It happens by accident, by exasperation, intermittently, or simply occurs and no one knows why what was once there is now gone—it is a mystery.  

Unfortunately, what was let go of within some therapy sessions just goes underground until the next stimulation, or experience, triggers it again, and it swells up to be met right before the next session and the client starts over again—albeit perhaps a bit more informed of what is psychologically going on within them. This is a very slow way. Releasing happens, but how?

Having said all that, releasing also isn’t having a good cry, or throwing a fit of anger, or simply stomping off, although this expression and expulsion of repressed pressure sometimes temporarily makes room for the natural release to take place.

We are often so pent up with held emotional/mental energy, that we, through our unconscious holding, inhibit the releasing that is natural within every human being, making it difficult. Releasing is natural, and it happens without drama, so how do we bottle it up? This is what this work actually is: letting go without effort.

Learning what is natural and true, is letting go of what is unnatural and false:
If true releasing isn’t dependent upon any cathartic event in order to allow a natural release to take place, how does it happen? These ‘natural releases’ take place thousands of times each day for everyone. If it didn’t, we would have long ago blown up from the pressure, much like a pressure-cooker .

True releasing undoes the “me” that we think we are—that’s how effortless it is. We (the seeming doer) don’t release, our Beingness is what lets go. Although we are not the doer, with guidance and wisdom dawning, we can relearn this natural allowing, get out of our own way and allow it. Releasing is a natural and effortless flowing of our energy, unimpeded by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, reasons, habits, and conditioned programming.

Out of a learned survival-based and highly practiced habit, rather than letting go we often suppress, or stuff, a feeling or reaction. If we do, it stifles the natural release and doesn’t allow it to naturally move through us.

Letting go is easy. It is the holding on that is hard, and makes it feel as if it is difficult to let go. We trick ourselves all the time and think it is hard to let go when, in fact, letting go is effortless. The thinker is the stinker.

A Profound Legacy for all those wanting true freedom:
Having worked directly with Lester Levenson (American Master and Physicist) for over a dozen years, and done in-depth work with Virginia Lloyd (Director of Training for the Sedona Institute and creator of all advanced courses), Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons has been trained to teach this releasing work, and is now offering it in its true simplicity—in its original form, as developed by Virginia Lloyd.

Jeannie has been consciously using this brilliantly simple releasing work for over 35 years.

Following a long sabbatical—researching, speaking, working with Internet mentors, writing, and exploring global media—Jeannie has returned and is offering small, intimate courses in the original style she learned from Virginia. Jeannie and Virginia will be offering tele-seminars and conference calls, including Q&A's, beginning in late February, 2012.

This training method is based upon how the human mind learns, or works, and the time that is needed for new learning to be received. In truth, it is unlearning, and it allows for more relaxation into love, and simply living a more free life.

Unwinding the mind to FIND your heart's voice:
It’s easy relearning ‘how to let go’ moment to momentbut it takes time and practice, as it was intended to be delivered orally, in a particular way, thereby personalizing it for each individual in the moment. Lester’s statement was, “it takes four full days to reverse the lifelong habit of holding on, to one of letting go.”

We return our attention to what Is, and let go of any attachments or aversions that would distract us from our true Self. It simply is, and our habit of complexity slowly dissolves to reveal more and more of our inherent loving nature. In Lester's words, as this happens, “We become self-obvious to ourselves.”

Prove it for yourself for only then is is valuable:
Due to the profound and positive results reported on all levels of human experienceemotionally, mentally, and physicallyfor more than 40 years, this work was studied, tested, and proven at Harvard Medical School in the late 1970s. There is much proof in several studies that show the many benefits of letting go.

It is the physics of human emotions/thinkingholding onto those limiting beliefs, concepts, emotions, and thoughtsthat cause stress, and result in a multitude of repercussions in our lives. Stress has been, and remains, the primary ‘buzz-word’ describing the most prevalent cause of most illnesses, personal unhappiness, and loss of bottom-line profitability.

It is life’s challenges, and demands of success, perfection, and survival that cause so much inner-pressure and strain. As our life becomes more complex, those challenges to remain calm within also increase. We need to have emotional self-mastery, in order to be calm under the pressure of life’s demands.

We need something immediateas it is happening. This course offers that immediacy, for it is natural within every human being to ‘let go’. We simply have forgotten the ‘how to’ of that natural ability.

We need to know we ‘can’ handle the stress as situations and challenges arise in our lives.  Only when the pain, misunderstanding, and erroneous self-concept is dissolved, can we re-emerge courageous, certain of our loving Self, and with our AWAKENED WISDOM!

Learning a natural, direct experience of ‘effortless letting go’ on the spot, is simply the most practical thing we can do for ourselves and those we love. HeartWisdomTM Core Releasing Seminars, offers this effortless ‘letting go’.

What we think we are is never true:
It drives the mind crazy when we think we are in charge of figuring out our lives, how we tick, who and what we are, and when the mind tells us we should understand our Being. Yet, this is simply not possible, because our Being simply Is.

When we honestly, directly, and courageously inquire into our True nature, and let go of what is false, what remains is the answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’ This simplicity is baffling to the limited, clever and complicated mind.

The Bible states: "the mind (or the rich man) cannot enter the Kingdom of God (go through the eye of the needle).” Only from the simple mind of a child (innocence), do we return to this Love. This ‘seeming way’ is one of simplicity, directness, self-investigation/self-inquiry, and truth telling.

We have all heard the phrase, “the Truth shall set you free.” Little did we know what that really meant — we must tell the truth, ourselves, and consciously liberate what is false. We set ourselves free with love. Releasing is a pointer that shows the way back home — to ourselves, right here and now.

The limited will never understand so that requires us to surrender separation:
As well as being a direct oral tradition, this work goes around the mind. One’s mind will never understand true release. Many of us were told by Lester that “this work has not been here since the time of Patanjali,” many centuries ago. It was simply time for it to be here, again—simple, pure, and natural.

We know when a release has occurred because we are calmer, more still, have more clarity, and feel a sense of spaciousness.

The paradox of a seeming method is not everyone sees its grace: Even though there is a ‘seeming training,’ we don’t ‘do it’—it does us. This is the mystery of that which we are—it is unspeakable, yet we Are.

Over the years, there have been spiritual teachers that make fun of it, or rebuke it; masters of other traditions that put it down; and therapists that are frightened of it; as this work unravels the dependency upon others outside of our very Self—including spiritual teachers and teachings.

To the degree that someone has a personal stake in having a following: being special, being the one, keeping a flock together, or proving that their way is the only way—to that degree they are bound by their own ignorance. Yet, having said that, all of these situations are going on and are a necessary part of one’s evolution.

When people begin granting everyone their own Beingness, and take the tightfisted shackles off their minds and hearts, many simply begin to thrive, change, grow and flower without any particular formal structure. Life becomes their living guru or teacher.

Regardless of outer circumstances, people grow and flower wherever they are. The old rules don’t apply anymore. Releasing is quite different from the process of responding to life’s challenges, which can get one caught up in suppression/expression and escape cycles—keeping us spinning in the dream.

There is nothing wrong with expressing, suppressing or escaping in anyone’s life, if it is a conscious choice, rather than an automatic reaction. These ways are often necessary and correct choices, depending upon the circumstances and the wisdom of the moment. Yet, if someone knows how to directly release, they can release before, during or after any situation, or event, in their life—for freedom.

“Floundering is part of growth, disillusionment is a part of enlightenment.”          Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons                                                

However, if they don’t have the choice to release what is obscuring thier own loving heart, then, rather than being free, they are a slave to their reactive mind and practiced emotional responses. Emotions seem to be vehicles used for our safety and survival, for that is how all beings are programmed. Yet, that is a myth that will eventually be seen through and dissolved. One day we all come back to our childlike innocence—not child-ishness, but child-like.

Seeing through the myths:
This work dispels the myth that there is any substance, or reality, in our mental, emotional, learned progress, and exposes the belief systems, concepts, and conditioning as lies, subtly removing the automatic behavior—freeing one to simply Be. When truth sees all of the lies, the only thing that remains is that which is changeless—Truth.

Although books and teachers are only pointers, it is easy to get enthralled by, or entranced by, both. Anything that is read is seen through filters of limited interpretation. Perhaps this is the reason there are hundreds of religions.

The big jokethe tricks are coming from our own eyes...clear what is false:
This is an extremely important point:


Releasing is NOT dependent upon any kind of imagination, visualization, affirmation, or physical sensation. The mind and body’s sensations are simply a distraction, and slow the releasing down. It’s all silliness, unless we want to stay in the mental/emotional realm.

When a child trips and falls down, hitting their knee, they begin to cry. But the parent calls to them to come see a kitten that has wandered into the play area. The child gets up and goes to the kitten, with no more tears over a scraped knee.

We are trained to react, to get attention, to emulate an outcome, to seek sympathy or assistance—to ‘kiss it and make it better’. But, in reality, children move effortlessly and quickly from one dynamic to another, not holding on—they simply let go of any thought of it—with ease. Were they trained for this, or is this natural?  So isn't it possible that we can simply learn to undo what is unnatural, and again allow what is natural?

Have we suppressed this natural act through our effort, habit, and practice of holding on? This is worth pondering.

This naturalness can be re-enlivened:
This can be taught and re-learned, and is Virginia Lloyd and Lester Levenson’s legacy to all who would learn it to return to recognition of one’s own freedom. Truth isn’t taught. But to see through that which is not true, this can be taught. Truth is then revealed when the obscuration is gone. It’s like shining a light in a dark corner—where did the dark go?

Releasing is faster than the mind, and has nothing to do with the physical body or affirmations. It is more natural than sight or feeling, and is available only from true recognition—by seeing what is false vs. what is actually true, by telling the truth and being present, here and now. It is beyond any of our mental understanding or reason, yet the mind is happy when a release occurs, because it is immediately more peaceful, and calm.

This is the secret to our own heart:
“Enlightenment is courageousness in all situations, at all times.” Sri Ramana Maharshi

The description above that Sri Ramana Maharshi has shared is simply the truth—and it must be proved by each of us for himself or herself. No teacher can take you there, for there is nowhere to go. A teacher can reveal it to you, for you are that which you are seeking. This is the conundrum of That which You Are.


they must first find the courage to be present, alive, joyful, and willing to be seen, heard, and rebuked. Once that courage is like a pole-star of love through our spine, and radiating from our awakened wisdom, there is not a shudder of hesitation or doubt. This is truly the DIVINE FEMININE living fully! 


There is no right, no wrong, no better, no less than, and no one higher, nor lower—each person is exactly perfect, how they are. It is simply love expressing itself, and everything other than love returns to itself when we surrender.   So be happy, relax and enjoy this life of loving.

All Masters, of all time, have invited each of us to recognize our very own Nature—Love, Truth, and Happiness. “Be happy, be free, be love.” Releasing Is. You Are. All beyond that is foolish—limiting, avoiding and denying your true Self.

The Divine Wisdom, Feminine, Awakened Truth IS already true. Awaken to this and you will truly become the Light Of The World!

Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons

© 2008 Awakened Heart™

Liberation is not for the faint-hearted—it requires courage. Jeannie offers regular weekend training dates in Los Angeles and San Diego, and wherever someone hosts her to offer this life-changing training.

This natural re-learning is simple, easy, and profoundly life-changing. If you can allow yourself more happiness, clarity, and loving expression with yourself and others, this simple way of seeing will bring you great joy, ease, and conscious living of a life. I welcome you to attend...and learn the ‘how to’ of letting go. If this opportunity sounds good to you, come and bring a will both be happy you came and be directly and consciously contributing to the good of All.

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